Glossary A

Achievement Motivation refers to our position on success and failure - are we striving to succeed or trying to avoid failing? As many coaches have stated, "Winners take responsibility and know where to place credit or blame, but Losers always look for excuses beyond their control."

Achievement test refers to a test designed to assess specific information learned in school..Likewise, it is a standardized test designed to efficiently measure the amount of knowledge and/or skill a person has acquired, usually as a result of classroom instruction.

Achievement tests are tests that assess past learning across a variety of different subjects, particularly learning that is associated with training or academic programs.

Achievement training encouraging children to do things well, that is, to meet or exceed high standards as they strive to accomplish various objectives.

Achievement value is the perceived value of attaining a particular goal should one strive to achieve it

Achievement-oriented style it is a leadership style in which the leader sets challenging goals and rewards achievement in a path–goal theory.

Achondroplasia is a term that was previously known as Dwarfism, refers to a rare genetic Condition that results in a disproportionate short stature. It is one of the most common type