Panic room refers to a "safe room" that people can hole up in the event of an emergency which range from simple room to high tech room that protects the occupants againts calamities, like hurricanes, home invasion or biological or nuclear attacks, etc. It is a room that can withstand hurricane- and tornado-force winds, etc.

These panic rooms are usually ground-floor closets, cellars or bathrooms whose foundations have been reinforced with steel and concrete.

For a basic panic room, the U.S. Department of Justice Emergency Preparedness handbook recommends the following supplies:

* nonperishable food
* safe water supply
* first aid kit with necessary medications
* flashlights and extra batteries
* battery-powered radio and extra batteries
* clothes
* sanitation supplies
* important documents
* extra pair of glasses
* blankets
* credit cards and cash
* a roll of duct tape
* potassium-iodine tablets (to prevent radiation sickness)
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