Glossary I

I-message refers to a message that states the effect someone else's behavior has on you.

I–It relationship is a term which according to Buber is an interpersonal relationship in which the other person is treated as a thing to be used, an object to be manipulated.

Deutsch: Ich-Du-Beziehung / Español: Relación Yo-Tú / Português: Relação Eu-Tu / Français: Relation Je-Tu / Italiano: Relazione Io-Tu /

I/Thou relationship refers to an authentic relationship in which one listens to another without an overlay of expectations or presumptions. The listener experiences the other’s described experience and transcends his own sense of self.

IADLs is the acronym of Instrumental Activities of Daily Living which refer to the basic tasks that are essential to maintaining one's daily life without dependence on informal or formal community support services

IADLs is the abbreviations or acronym of individual activities of daily livings.

(See Assisted living facilities)

IAFIS (acronym of Intergrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System)

IAT isthe abbreviations of Implicit Association Test which refers to a reaction time procedure that provides a measure of implicit attitudes. Participants sort targets into a "good” category or a "bad” category, and the speed at which the sorting is completed is taken as a measurement of one’s implicit attitude toward the object.
Iatrogenic refers to the adverse mental or physical condition (s) caused by surgical or medical treatment.