Glossary H

HAART (Highly active antiretroviral therapy) refers to the most commonly used treatment for AIDS that involves many different anti-HIV drugs that keep the virus from replicating; the combination of three (3) or more HIV drugs.

Habeas corpus refers to a writ requesting that a person or an institution that is detaining a named prisoner bring him or her before a judicial officer and give reasons for the priso

Habile means having general ability and being skillful.

Habit is defined as a deeply ingrained, learned pattern of behavior. Frequent biting of the nails, thumbsucking are examples of a habit.

Habitat refers to the area within the range that contains the environmental factors and conditions needed to support the species.

Habitual offender statutes refer to laws intended to keep repeat criminal offenders behind bars.

Habituation refers to the gradual reduction in the amount of Attention paid to a stimulus when it is presented several times.

Hacker refers to a person who views and uses computers as objects for exploration and exploitation.