Glossary T

T-lymphocyte (T-helper cell) refers to the type of white blood cell that helps to destroy harmful bacteria in the body.

Table Top Play refers to an organized play that occurs at a table or related location.

Deutsch: Tabu / Español: Tabú / Português: Tabu / Français: Tabou / Italiano: Tabù /

Taboo is defined as prohibition of a behavior, thing, person, and many other which is based on cultural or social norms. Taboo also means forbidden or banned.

In psychology, "tachycardia" is a term used to describe a psychological or emotional state characterized by a rapid heartbeat or palpitations due to heightened stress, anxiety, or emotional arousal. It signifies the intimate connection between the mind and the body, where psychological factors can directly impact physiological responses. In this article, we will explore the concept of tachycardia in psychology, provide examples, discuss potential risks and application areas, offer recommendations for managing tachycardia-related stress and anxiety, and briefly touch upon historical and legal perspectives. Finally, we will list some similar psychological concepts related to the mind-body connection and emotional well-being.

Tacit (or practical) intelligence refers to the ability to size up everyday problems and solve them; only modestly related to IQ.

Deutsch: schweigsam / Español: taciturno / Português: taciturno / Français: taciturne / Italiano: taciturno /

Taciturn means temperamentally untalkative.

Tactile hallucination refers to the type of Hallucination involving the sense of touch.

Tactile hallucinations refer to the feeling of bodily sensations or objects that are not actually present in the environment. Tactile hallucinations is also referred to as Somatic hallucinations.

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