Glossary A

Deutsch: A-priori-Methode / Español: Método a priori / Português: Método a priori / Français: Méthode a priori / Italiano: Metodo a priori /

A priori method according to Peirce, a way of fixing belief according to the reasonableness of the event.

A-B-A-B Reversal Design refers to a type of singlecase experimental design in which a Baseline of Behavior is first taken (A), followed by an Intervention phase (B), then a return to

A-B-C Model or theory of behavior of Albert Ellis asserts that self -defeating and maladaptive behaviors and emotions stem from irrational beliefs.

A-beta fibers refer to large sensory fibers involved in rapidly transmitting sensation and possibly in inhibiting the transmission of pain.

A-delta fibers refer to small sensory fibers that are involved in the experience of "fast” pain.

A-State is another name for State anxiety that refers to a temporary condition of dread or uneasiness stemming from a specific situation. State anxiety is an emotional reaction to a situation that from one situation to the next. Moreover, A-State or State anxiety is defined as an unpleasant emotional arousal in face of threatening demands or dangers.

A-Trait is another name for Trait anxiety that refers to Personality characteristic that manifests itself as a more or less constant feeling of dread or uneasiness.

A, not-B error as noted by Piaget, is a tendency for 8- to 12 month old infants to search for a hidden object in a place where they previously found it, rather than in the place where they most recently saw it being hidden.