Glossary K

K-complex refers to sharp, high-amplitude, negative wave followed by a smaller, slower, positive wave

Kairos a Greek word that refers to the critical point at which a disease is expected to get better or worse. In psychotherapy, Kairos refers to the appropriate timing of a therapeutic intervention.
Kakistocracy is defined as a government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens.

Kama Sutra refers to the famous ancient Indian sex manual.

Kana refer to Japanese syllabic symbols.

Deutsch: Scheingericht / Español: Tribunal arbitrario / Português: Tribunal de fachada / Français: Procès fantoche / Italiano: Tribunale farsa /

Kangaroo court refers to a mock court set up with disregard to proper procedure to deliver a judgment arrived at in advance.

Kanji refers to Japanese logographic characters borrowed from Chinese.

Kanner's autism is the previous name of Autism childhood disorder marked by deficits in social interaction (such as a lack of interest in one's family or other children), communication (such as failing to modulate one's voice to signify emotional expression), and activities and interests (such as engaging in bizarre, repetitive behaviors )