Glossary S

SAD is the abbreviations of Separation anxiety disorder that refers to a form of anxiety disorder in which the subject displays age-inappropriate, excessive, and disabling anxiety about being apart from his or her parents or away from home. SAD is an extreme form of otherwise normal separation anxiety that is characterized by anxiety about separating from parents. SAD often takes the form of refusal to go to school.

Sadomasochist refers to a person who derives sexual pleasure from both inflicting and receiving pain.

Clark (1999) Safeguarding Mechanisms refers to four (4) patters of safeguarding mechanisms uses by individuals to protect themselves from social, physical or self-esteem threats: Distancing,

Saliromania refers to a desire to damage or soil a woman or her clothes.

Salvadore Minuchin refers to a well-known family therapist who stressed the importance of "joining" with clients. Similar to the concept of relationship building.
Sample refers to a selection of individuals from a larger group .

Sandra Wood Scarr Born: 1936 - Washington, DC


  • CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Kinder Care Learning Centers; Commonwealth Professor of Psychology, University of Virginia.

Sang-froid or Sangfroid means coolness and composure, especially in trying circumstances; calmness, especially under stress . Sangfroid is from the French word "sang-froid" which literally means cold blood

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