Glossary L

L-data refers to life-record ratings of behaviors observed in real-life situations, such as the classroom or office.

L-dopa is chemical precursor of Dopamine and other catecholamines ; chemical precursor of Dopamine used in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease

La belle indifference refers to the lack of concern by some people with a conversion disorder over what might otherwise be construed as very disturbing physical problems. Also, La belle indifference is a term which is used to describe an unrealistic degree of indifference or apathy in the face of one’s own symptoms as seen in the Conversion reaction.

La-di-da means affectedly refined; pretentious.

Labeled magnitude scale refers to a ratio psychophysical scale that pairs numbers bounded by 0 and 100 with verbal labels that range from "nothing" to "the strongest sensation imaginable".

Labeled-line principle refers to a concept that each receptor responds to a limited range of stimuli and has a direct line to the brain.

Labeling means applying a name to a phenomenon or a pattern of behavior. The label may acquire negative connotations or be applied erroneously to the person rather than that person’s behaviors.

Labeling technique refers to influence technique based on consistency, in which one assigns a label to an individual and then requests a favor that is consistent with the label

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