Glossary A

Acquired erectile disorder refers to a sexual dysfunction in which the man at one time was able to have satisfactory erections but now no longer is.

The Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) refers to the disease caused by the human immunodeficiency (or immune deficiency) virus (HIV) that attacks the immune system and leaves the person susceptible to unusual infections.

Acquired orgasmic disorder refers to a female orgasmic disorder in which the woman had orgasms at some time in her life but no longer does so.

Acquired sexual disorder refers to a sexual disorder that develops after a period of normal functioning.

Acquisition refers to the process by which people notice and pay attention to information in the environment; because people cannot perceive everything that is happening around them, they acquire only a subset of the information available in the environment.

Acquisition (Learning ) is the time during which a CR first appears and increases in frequency in Operant conditioning. It is also, that part of operant conditioning in which an operant response is followed by a reinforcer, thereby increasing the rate with which the response occurs.

Acquisitiveness refers to the quality of being .

Acrolein is a yellowish or colorless, pungent liquid produced as a by-product of tobacco smoke; one of the aldehydes .

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