Multipennate muscle is defined as type of pennate muscle that has several tendons with fibers running diagonally between them, such as the deltoid.

In psychology, "multipennate muscle" is not a term that is commonly used. In the field of anatomy and physiology, a "multipennate muscle" refers to a type of muscle that has multiple tendons or muscle fibers that attach to the bone at different angles. This allows the muscle to produce a greater range of motion and to generate more force. Here are a few examples of multipennate muscles in the human body:

  1. Deltoid muscle: The deltoid muscle is a multipennate muscle that is located in the shoulder and is responsible for moving the arm and rotating the shoulder.

  2. Extensor muscles of the hand: The extensor muscles of the hand are multipennate muscles that are responsible for extending the fingers and wrist.

  3. Rectus femoris muscle: The rectus femoris muscle is a multipennate muscle that is located in the thigh and is responsible for extending the hip and flexing the knee.

  4. Serratus anterior muscle: The serratus anterior muscle is a multipennate muscle that is located in the chest and is responsible for rotating the scapula and moving the arm.

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