Anterior is defined as toward the front.

In psychology, the term "anterior" generally refers to the front part of the body or the direction toward the front of the body. It is often used to describe the location of structures or processes within the body or brain.

For example, the anterior part of the brain might refer to the front regions of the brain, such as the frontal lobes, which are involved in a variety of functions including problem-solving, decision-making, and emotional regulation.

The anterior part of the body might refer to the front regions of the torso, such as the chest or abdomen, or to the front of the limbs, such as the palms of the hands or the front of the feet.

In some contexts, the term "anterior" might also be used to describe the front part of an object or structure, such as the anterior part of a building or the anterior part of a vehicle.

Overall, the term "anterior" is used to describe the front part of something or the direction toward the front of something.

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