Meaning reconstruction refer to efforts to make sense of loss by finding or creating new meaning in the death of the loved one and in the new life of the bereaved person. Neimeyer has written about the importance for bereaved persons of engaging in a process of reconstruring meaning in their lives and has asserted that "meaning reconstruction" in response to loss is the central process in grieving.


Meaning reconstruction for Neimeyer includes:

1. The attempt to find or create a new meaning for the life of the survivor, as well as for the death of the loved one

2. The integrity of meanins, as well as ist construction

3. The contruction of meaning as an interpersonal, as personal process.

4. The anchoring of meaning making it cultural, as well as intimate, discursive contexts

5. The developemnt of tacit and preverbal, as well as explicit and articulate meanings

6. The processes of meaning reconstruction, as well as ist products.

List of books: Meaning,reconstruction

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