Axis III refers to the diagnostic axis of the DSM-IV that identifies current medical conditions that may be relevant to the conceptualization or treatment of the disorders diagnosed on Axes I and II.

Using the DSM-IV-TR classification system , general medical conditions are recorded on Axis III - General Medical Conditions. General Medical Conditions is for reporting current medical conditions that are potentially relevant to the understanding or management of the individual's mental disorder. The purpose of distinguishing General Medical Conditions is to encourage thoroughness in evaluation/assessment and to enhance communication among health care providers. General Medical Conditions can be related to mental disorders in a variety of ways: (1) it is clear the medical condition is directly related to the development or worsening of the symptoms of the mental disorder;. (2) the relationship between the medical condition and mental disorder symptoms is insufficient; and (3) there are situations in which the medical condition is important to the overall understanding or treatment of the mental disorder.


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