Deutsch: Individuum
An individual is a person or a specific object. Individuality (or selfhood) is the state or quality of being an individual; particularly of being a person separate from other persons and possessing his or her own needs or goals.

In the field of psychology, the term "individual" typically refers to a single person or subject being studied. It is used to describe the unique characteristics and experiences of that person, as well as their behavior and mental processes.

For example, in a study of personality, an individual's specific personality traits would be examined. In a study of memory, an individual's ability to recall specific information would be evaluated. In a study of emotional regulation, an individual's strategies for managing their emotions would be analyzed.

In addition to being studied as a single unit, individual behavior and mental processes are also studied in the context of their environment, for example, how family, culture, and society shape individual's behavior and mental processes.

Examples of research topics within psychology that focus on the individual include:

Overall, the study of individuals in psychology aims to understand how individuals differ and how these differences relate to behavior and mental processes.

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