Cystic fibrosis refers to a fatal genetic disorder in which mucus obstructs the lungs and pancreas.

Moreover, Cystic Fibrosis refers to an inherited condition that causes the sweat glands to produce excess salt, and the mucous glands to produce abnormally thick, adherent mucus. The two main areas of the body involved are the pancreas (part of the digestive system) and the lungs. In the pancreas, the small channels (through which the enzymes produced in the pancreas flow to reach the intestines) become blocked with mucus. This results in cysts forming and these lead to fibrosis in the pancreas. This is controlled by physiotherapy and drugs to help clear the mucus, and antibiotics to tackle the infections. The thick mucus also collects in the lungs, blocking some airways and resulting in damage from the infection. Much of this damage can be prevented by adequate treatment of infections.

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