Echolalia refers to a speech disorder in which the person inappropriately and automatically repeats the last words he or she has heard. Palilalia is a form of echolalia in which the last syllable heard is repeated endlessly.
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Echolalia refers to communication abnormality in which an individual simply repeats back what he or she hears rather than generating his or her own speech. Echolalia is characterized by the repetition or "echoing" of the words or phrases just spoken by another person. Usually displayed by children with pervasive developmental disorders. Moreover, Echolalia refers to a child’s immediate or delayed parrot-like repetition of words or word combinations. Echolalia is a feature of schizophrenia (especially the catatonic form), Tourette syndrome, and some other disorders.
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echolalia refers to a child’s immediate or delayed parrot-like repetition of words or word combinations.

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