Gender role refers to the role a person is expected to perform as a result of being male or female in a particular culture ; as distinguished from the term "sex role" which is more ambiguous.

It also refers to a set of behavior expectations (norms) for males and females.

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Gender role refer to the behaviors and attitudes a person has that are indicative of maleness or femaleness in one's society.

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Gender role is defined as a set of behavior expectations or norms for males and females. According to Freud, Gender roles is what society considers to be the appropriate behaviors for males or females

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Gender role is defined as the behaviors and attitudes a person has that are indicative of maleness or femaleness in one's society. It is a complex cluster of traits and behaviors that are considered stereotypical of females and males. Gender role, moreover, refers to the pattern of behaviors that are regarded as "male" or "female" by one's culture. It is sometimes also referred to as a Sex role.

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