Attitude a key concept of social psychology refers to a favorable or unfavorable evaluative reaction toward something or someone, exhibited in one's beliefs , feelings , or intended behavior.


Attitudes are relatively enduring views on people, behaviour, or events.

Other definition:
An attitude describes a set of beliefs or views held about something and is defined in consumer psychology as an enduring inclination or tendency to respond to a brand or product in a specific way.
It consists of three related elements:

regarding the object; emotional attachment and a positive or negative evaluation; and behavioural intentions towards the object - purchasing intention, or willingness to become involved. Collecting expressed attitudes (whether by qualitative or quantitative means) has traditionally been a core activity within market research, since attitudes were assumed to be linked with actual behaviour and to be stable over time. Both these assumptions have been increasingly questioned. 


Other /More definition:
Attitude refers to a learned tendency to respond to people, objects, or institutions in a positive or negative way; a favorable or unfavorable evaluative reaction toward something or someone, exhibited in one's beliefs, feelings, or intended behavior. Moreover, Attitude is a tendency to respond positively (favorably) or negatively (unfavorably) to certain persons, objects, or situations.


Other /More definition:
An attitude  is a belief or feeling about people, objects, and ideasIntroversion and extraversion are two ways of interacting with the world or two attitudes toward the world.

Other /More definition:
To Allport, attitudes are similar to traits. However, attitudes have specific objects of reference and involve either positive or negative evaluations. To Cattell, attitudes are our interests in and emotions and behaviors toward some person, object, or event. This is a broader definition than typically used in psychology.

Other /More definition:
Attitudes are global evaluations toward some object or issue

Other /More definition:
An attidude is an evaluative reaction to people, issues, or objects.


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