Mediator is defined as one who intervenes between two (2) persons who are experiencing conflict, with a view to reconciling them.

In psychology, a mediator is a variable that is believed to play a role in the relationship between two other variables. Mediators are often studied in research as a way to understand the mechanisms or processes that underlie the relationship between different variables.

For example, if researchers are studying the relationship between a person's diet and their risk of developing a particular medical condition, they might examine other variables (such as physical activity levels or stress) as mediators to understand how these variables might be contributing to the relationship.

There are many ways in which mediators can be studied in psychology. Researchers may use statistical techniques to determine the strength of the relationship between different variables and to identify the role of mediators in that relationship.

Examples of mediators in psychology might include variables such as stress, self-esteem, or social support that are believed to play a role in the relationship between different variables. Understanding mediators can be an important aspect of research and theory development in psychology, as it can help to shed light on the underlying processes and mechanisms that influence psychological phenomena.

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