Social support is the aid and succor provided by members of one's social networks.

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The number and quality of one's social relationships. Several studies have shown that social support is positively associated with better health outcomes.

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Social support is the emotional, informational or instrumental assistance from others

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Social support describes a sense of belonging, emotional support, advice, guidance, tangible assistance, and spiritual perspective given to others when they experience stress, daily hassles, and more significant life crises.

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Social support consists of the both tangible and intangible support a person receives from other people.

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Social support means the feeling of being loved, esteemed, and cared for. Also emotional, informational, or instrumental assistance from others.

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Social support is the tangible and intangible resources provided by other people in times of uncertainty or stress

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Social support is also the sum of social experiences leading people to believe that they are cared for and loved, that they are esteemed and valued, and that they belong to a network of communication and mutual obligation.

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social support is the perception that others are responsive and receptive to one's needs

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