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Psychologist refers to an individual who is is trained in clinical or counseling psychology to provide individual or group therapy relative to a broad range of behavioral and emotional issues.

Typically work in a public clinic or private practice.


A psychologist is a professional who studies the mind and behavior of individuals. They use scientific methods to understand, explain, and predict human behavior. Psychologists work in a variety of settings such as schools, hospitals, and private practices. They can specialize in various areas such as clinical, counseling, or industrial-organizational psychology. Psychologists conduct assessments, provide therapy, and develop treatment plans for individuals experiencing mental health issues. They may also conduct research to contribute to the field's body of knowledge.

Application Areas

  • Clinical Psychology
  • Counseling Psychology
  • School Psychology
  • Industrial-Organizational Psychology
  • Forensic Psychology

Treatment and Risks

  • Psychotherapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Medication management (in some cases, if licensed)
  • Potential risks include misdiagnosis, ethical violations, and emotional harm to clients.


  • A clinical psychologist working in a mental health clinic
  • A counseling psychologist providing therapy to individuals and families
  • An industrial-organizational psychologist consulting with businesses on employee performance
  • A school psychologist conducting assessments and interventions for students
  • A forensic psychologist working with law enforcement on criminal cases

Similar Concepts and Synonyms

  • Therapist
  • Counselor
  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychoanalyst
  • Behavioral therapist
  • Performance Enhancement Consultants are professionals trained in sport psychology but are not licensed psychologists or counselors. Also known as sport psychology consultants or mental coaches. Provide individual or group consultations geared towards performance-related issues.

Articles with 'Psychologist' in the title

  • Clinical Psychologist: The Clinical psychologist is a psychologist who specializes in the treatment of psychological and behavioral disturbances or who does research on such disturbances
  • Counseling psychologist: Counseling psychologist refers to a kind of Psychologist who specializes in the treatment of milder, everyday emotional and behavioral problems or disturbances- Counseling psycholog- ists interests and activities overlap significantly with . . .
  • Rehabilitation Psychologist: A Rehabilitation Psychologist is a Psychologist whose practice focuses upon individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities. Rehabilitation psychologists most often work in general or rehabilitation hospitals, and they help individuals . . .
  • School Psychologist: School Psychologist refers to a psychologist who aids schools by testing children to determine eligibility for placement in special education programs and who consults with teachers and parents
  • Cognitive psychologists: Cognitive psychologists : Cognitive psychologists refer to kind/type of psychologists whose Research focus is analysis of the mental processes underlying judgment, decision making, problem solving, imagining, and other aspects of human th . . .
  • Health psychologists: Health psychologists : Health psychologists refer to type/kinf of psychologists whose Research or practical work focuses on the Prevention of illness, the promotion and Maintenance of good health, or the tr- eatment of individuals with di . . .
  • Neuropsychologist: Neuropsychologist refers to a Psychologist who has completed special training in the neurobiological causes of brain disorders, and who specializes in diagnosing and treating these il- lnesses using a predominantly medical approach as oppos . . .
  • School psychologists: School psychologists refer to a type/kind of psychologists who work with educators to promote the intellectual, social, and emotional growth of school-age children


Psychologists are professionals who study the mind and behavior of individuals, using scientific methods to understand and predict human behavior. They work in various settings and specialize in different areas such as clinical, counseling, or industrial-organizational psychology. Psychologists provide therapy, conduct assessments, and contribute to the field's knowledge through research. They may use treatments like psychotherapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy to help individuals with mental health issues. Overall, psychologists play a crucial role in promoting mental well-being and understanding human behavior.


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