Realization is a term used by Parkes to describe what is involved in "making real” all of the implications of loss ; "making real” in one's inner, subjective world that which is already real in the outer, objective world.

In psychology, realization refers to the moment of becoming aware or understanding something fully. It can refer to a sudden awareness or realization of a truth or a realization that something that was previously unknown has become clear.

Here are some examples of realization in the psychology context:

  1. A person who has struggled with low self-esteem for years may have a sudden realization that they have been self-sabotaging their own success by not believing in themselves.
  2. A therapist may help a patient come to a realization about the root cause of their anxiety, which leads to a breakthrough in their treatment.
  3. After years of avoiding their problems, a person may have a realization that they need to seek therapy to work through their issues and improve their mental health.
  4. A person may have a realization that they are experiencing symptoms of depression, leading them to seek out professional help and support.
  5. A survivor of trauma may have a realization that their experiences have been impacting their mental health and seek out treatment to help them heal.

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