Deutsch: Subjekt

In the context of psychology, a "subject" is an individual who participates in a research study or experiment. Subjects are typically recruited to participate in psychological research in order to help researchers better understand human behavior, thought, and emotions.

The term "subject" is often used to refer to human participants, but it can also refer to animals or other organisms that are studied in psychological research.

Subjects in psychological research can be asked to complete a variety of tasks or activities, depending on the focus of the study. For example, they might be asked to complete a survey or questionnaire, participate in a group discussion or interview, or engage in a specific task or activity. Researchers may also collect data from subjects through observations, experiments, or brain imaging techniques.

The term "subject" is also used in other contexts, such as in education, where it refers to a specific course of study or area of expertise. In this context, a subject might refer to a specific discipline or field of knowledge, such as mathematics, history, or biology.

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