Umwelt is Binswanger's term for the physical world, relating to the environment, the objects and living beings within it; attending to the biological and physical aspects of the world.

Umwelt includes eachperson's bilogically based needs, instincts, genetics, and neurochemistry. Each human is conceived in the physical realm through the act of sexual intercourse or in vitro fertilization followed by the complicated biology of gestation and birth. The "Umwelt" continues to be important throughout life as one comes to realize that existence in the physical world is bounded by the limits of birth and death and is limited by a variety of physical laws.

Ludwig Binswanger is an Existentialist or Existential Psychologist who have written and studied about the role of the environment on human development. Binswanger (1963) Model consists of three (3) interacting dimensions of the environment which includes the "Umwelt" described above. (See Ludwig Binswanger)

Umwelt is the German word for Environment.

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