Insight is a sense of understanding and awareness about oneself and one's world.

In psychology, insight refers to the ability to understand and gain a deep understanding of something, often through introspection or self-reflection. Insight can be a key component of learning and problem-solving, and is often considered an important aspect of intelligence and cognitive functioning.

There are many ways in which insight can be demonstrated or measured in psychology. For example, a person might show insight by being able to identify and understand their own emotions or motivations, or by being able to recognize patterns or connections that others might not see. Insight can also involve the ability to see things from someone else's perspective or to understand the underlying causes of a problem.

Examples of insight in psychology might include a person who is able to identify the root cause of their own anxiety and take steps to address it, or a student who is able to make connections between different concepts in a class and apply that knowledge to a new situation. Insight can be an important aspect of personal growth and development, and may be fostered through activities such as therapy, meditation, or self-reflection.

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