Vaginoplasty refers to a transgender operation in which a vagina is artificially constructed.

In the context of psychology, vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to reconstruct or create a vagina. It is commonly performed as part of gender affirmation surgery for transgender women or for women who were born with underdeveloped or absent vaginas.

Vaginoplasty is a complex procedure that involves creating a space for the vagina, typically using the penile skin or other tissues. The procedure may also include creating a clitoris and labia. The goal of vaginoplasty is to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing vagina that allows for sexual intercourse and urination.

Examples of conditions that may lead to vaginoplasty include gender dysphoria, vaginal agenesis, or vaginal stenosis. The decision to undergo vaginoplasty is a personal one and requires careful consideration, counseling, and evaluation by a qualified healthcare provider.


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