Glossary Z

Zona pellucida refers to a gelatinous layer that surrounds an ovum.

Zone of maximum comfort is when press level is slightly lower, facilitating a high quality of life

Zone of maximum performance potential it is when press level is slightly higher, tending to improve performance

- Zone of proximal development:

Zone of proximal Development (ZPD) refers to Lev Semionovich Vygotsky's concept.

Zoophilia refers to a sexual disorder involving an erotic attraction to animals or an abnormal Desire to have sexual contact with animals.

Zoroastrianism refers to the Persian religion that equated truth and wisdom with the brilliance of the sun and ignorance and evil

ZPD is the abbreviations of Zone of proximal development . Zone of proximal development refers to Vygotsky’s term for: (1) the range of tasks that are too complex to be mastered alone but can be accomplished with guidance and encouragement from a more skillful partner. (2) the space between what one is capable of learning independently and the potential of what one can learn by participating with more capable others. (3) the situation in which a child carries out tasks with the help of someone who is more skilled, frequently an adult who represents the culture in which the child develops.

Zung Self -rating Depression Scal refers to a test to measure depression. This test assesses symptoms of depression by using a self-rating system , therefore eliminating the possibility of an interviewer bias

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