Glossary Z

Zeno's paradox refers to the assertion that in order for an object to pass from point A to point B, it must first traverse half the distance between those two (2) points, and then half of the remaining distance, and so forth. Zeno concluded that an object could logically never reach point B because this process must occur an infinite number of times

Zero-sum conflict refers to conflict in which one side's gain is always the other side's loss, as in athletic contests.

Zero-sum game refers to situation in which one person’s gain is another person's loss.

Zipf's law refers to the fact that the length of a word is negatively correlated with its frequency of use.

Ziprasidone is a drug used to treat Schizophrenia or used to control symptoms of Schizophrenia . It is available with a prescription under the brand name Geodan.

Zolpidem is classified as a hypnotic drug. These drugs help people sleep.

Zombie refers to a person behaving like an automaton, that is listless, wooden, or lacking energy. In Voodoo, Zombie refers to a supernatural force or spirit that can enter a dead body. Likewise, the soulless body that is revived in this manner.

Zona pellucida refers to a gelatinous layer that surrounds an ovum.