Glossary A

An Axon terminal (Terminal button) refers to enlarged button-like structures at the ends of Axon branches; the bulb-shaped structures at the ends of axons that form synapses with the dendrites and somas of other neurons.

Axonal branches refer to a structure in many neurons in which the axon forks into several branches, with the neuronal impulse propagated to all branches.

Ayurveda refers to the ancient system of medicine which focuses on the body, the sense organs, the mind, and the soul. It originated in India approximately 4,000 years ago.

Azimuth coordinate is a term used in hearing that specifies locations that vary from left to right relative to the listener.

B cell refers to a type of leukocyte that matures in the bone marrow; attaches to an intruder, and produces specific antibodies to attack the intruder’s antigen . B cell is one of the three (3) main types of lymphocytes that are both born in and mature in the bone marrow.