Anthropometry refers to the study and measurement of the dimensions of the body and other physical characteristics.
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Anthropometry refers to the attempt to derive character traits by measuring the human body. Anthropometrical approaches to crimininality include Lombroso's measurement of atavistic stigmata, and Sheldon's measurement of general physique, or somatotype
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Anthropometry is a system a body measurements of adult individuals for personal identification. As is illustrated in the accompanying drawing, anthropometry relies on the taking of the measurements of bony parts of the body, including measurements of the human ear.

Anthropometry is the combination of anthropology and measurements to identify a person.

Alphonse Bertillon, a French identification bureau chief in the late 1800's is the creator of Anthropometry and which was
first introduced in the United States by Major McClaughry, the translator of Bertillon's book, in 1887 when he was the warden of the Illinois State Penitentiary at Joliet.
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