A-delta fibers refer to small sensory fibers that are involved in the experience of "fast” pain.

In the psychology context, A-delta fibers (also known as A-delta nociceptors) are a type of nerve fiber that is involved in the transmission of pain signals from the body to the brain. A-delta fibers are characterized by their fast conduction velocity and their ability to transmit sharp, localized pain.

Examples of A-delta fibers in the psychology context include:

  • The nerve fibers that transmit pain signals from the skin or other tissues to the spinal cord and brain in response to injury or tissue damage
  • The fibers that are responsible for transmitting the initial, acute pain response to a painful stimulus, such as a cut or burn
  • The fibers that are activated by stimuli that are perceived as sharp or painful, such as a pinprick or a needle stick

A-delta fibers are an important aspect of the pain response system, and they play a key role in the ability to detect and respond to painful stimuli. Psychologists and other mental health professionals may study A-delta fibers in order to understand the neurophysiology of pain perception and to explore ways in which pain signals can be modulated or managed.

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