Behavioral Assessment refers to the evaluation of the child's thoughts, feelings , and behaviors in specific settings, based on which hypotheses are formulated about the Nature of the problem and what can be done about it.

Moreover, it is a form of measurement  based on objective recording of the person's behavior.

Other definition:
Behavioral assessment refers to the measurement, observation, and systematically evaluation of the client's thoughts, feelings, and Behavior in the actual problem situation or context .


Other /More definition:
Behavioral assessment refers to an approach to understanding and changing behavior by identifying the context in which it occurs (the situations or stimuli that either precede it or follow from it). It involves the recording the frequency  of various behaviors; an approach that focuses on the interactions  between situations and behaviors for the purpose of effecting behavioral change.

Other /More definition
Behavioral assessment refers to a form of measurement based on objective recording of the individual's behavior.

List of books: Behavioral,Assessment


List of books: Behavioral,Assessment

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