Collective is defined as a relatively large aggregation or group of individuals who display similarities in actions and outlook.

In the psychology context, collective refers to a group of individuals who are connected or united in some way. A collective can be a group of people who share a common interest, purpose, or identity, or it can be a group of people who are connected by social, cultural, or historical ties.

Examples of collective in the psychology context include:

  • A group of people who belong to the same organization, club, or community
  • A group of people who share a common cultural, racial, or ethnic identity
  • A group of people who are connected by family or kinship ties
  • A group of people who are united by a common goal or cause

Collectives can be an important source of social support, identity, and belonging, and they can also influence the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of their members. In the psychology context, collectives can be studied in order to understand the social and psychological factors that shape group dynamics and group behavior.

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