Marital schism is defined as a situation in which one parent tries to undermine the worth of another by competing for sympathy or support from the children.

Marital schism refers to a stage in the deterioration of a marriage in which the partners begin to live separate lives, emotionally and physically. In this stage, the spouses may be unable to communicate effectively or resolve conflicts, and they may begin to engage in separate activities or pursue separate interests. The partners may become distant from each other and feel disconnected, leading to feelings of loneliness, frustration, and resentment.

Examples of behaviors that may be indicative of marital schism include avoiding spending time together, not engaging in shared activities, engaging in excessive social or work-related activities outside of the home, and expressing negative feelings about the relationship. If left unresolved, marital schism can lead to a full-blown marital separation or divorce.

It's important to note that marital schism is just one stage in the deterioration of a marriage, and not all marriages that experience conflict or challenges will progress to this stage. It's also possible to recover from this stage with effective communication, counseling, and support from each other.

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