Mitwelt refers to Binswanger's (1963) term for the realm of social interactions. A way in which individuals relate to the world by interacting socially with others. The focus is on human rel ationships rather than relationships that are biological or physical Umwelt.

Mitwelt is the "with world" or interpersonal world refers to the world of social interaction with other people. At birth, an infant begins to experience the Mitwelt as one relies on others to provide care and nourishment. Growing older, one typicall forms friendships, intimate relationships, and work relationships, usually while maintaining ties with family and ancestors. These relationships are not defined by external variables or objective measures, but instead are defined ny each person's own subjective view.

Mitwelt includes the important influence of culture on how a person ascribes meaning to experience and on the ethical code that a person internalizes. (See

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