Glossary N

Nurturism is a term used in Psychology which refers to the assumption that Behavior patterns are mostly learned rather than inherited.

In Psychology, Nurturism is also known as N

Nutrient density is the degree to which foods contain selected nutrients,such as, protein.

Nutrition is defined as a collection of processes (mainly food consumption) through which an organism uses the materials (nutrients) required for survival and growth.

Nutrition Therapy refers to a method of treating disorders and diseases through the use of carefully monitored nutritional diets.
NuvaRing is a small plastic contraceptive ring that is inserted into the vagina once a month and releases a constant dose of estrogen and progestin.
Nyctalopia is defined as night blindness ; a condition in which vision is faint or completely lost at night or in dim light.

Nymphomania refers to an excessive, insatiable sex drive in a woman.

Nymphomaniac is a term used to describe women who engage in frequent or promiscuous sex; often used pejoratively.

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