A Stem is the part of a multiple-choice item that states the question to be answered.

In the psychology context, stem refers to the initial part of a word, which can be modified by adding affixes (prefixes or suffixes) to create new words. For example, the stem of the word "jumping" is "jump," and the stem of the word "jumps" is "jump." Stems are often used as the base form of a word when conjugating verbs or creating tenses.

In the field of psychology, stems are sometimes used in assessment tools, such as standardized tests or psychological evaluations, to measure an individual's knowledge or vocabulary in a particular area. For example, a stem completion test might present a list of word stems, such as "psych," "neuro," or "cogn," and ask the test taker to complete each stem with the first word that comes to mind. The test taker's responses can provide insight into their knowledge and understanding of psychological concepts and terms.

Stem completion tests can be used to assess a wide range of psychological constructs, including cognitive function, personality, and mental health. They can be administered to individuals of all ages, from children to older adults.


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