Glossary A

Auguste Ambroise Liebeault (1823 to 1904) refers to the founder of the Nancy school of hypnotism.

- Auguste Comte (1798-1857) : Auguste Comte refers to the founder of Positivism and coiner of the term Sociology. He felt that cultures passed through three stages in the way they explained phenomena: the theological, the metaphysical, and the scientific.

Authentic assessment refers to evaluation based on real performance, rather than test performance, showing mastery of a task

Authentic dissent a technique of improving the quality of Group decisions in which one or more Group members actively disagree with the group's initial preference without being assigned this

Authenticity (Erikson) Ritualization characterizing the third stage of development. This involves playful role authenticity (May)

Author refers to the person or persons responsible for a technical paper; a literature search via an author's name can be profitable source of additional references.

Author note refers to the section of a research report that provides details about the authors.

Authoritarian is a style of parent-centered parenting characterized by the belief in and enforcement of unquestioning obedience to authority. Authoritarian is a child-rearing style in which parents demand submission and obedience from their children but are not very communicative and warm.