Glossary A

Aversive conditioning refers to a form of Conditioning in which a painful stimulus is paired with an initially neutral stimulus.

Aversive Control strategy is the strategy of using aversive Control if positive Control fails. This strategy consists of two (2) tactics:

1. Decrease undesirable Behavior through

Aversive racism refers to a genuine Desire to be non-prejudiced accompanied by negative feelings toward outgroup members; a "modern” kind of Prejudice held by people who do not consi

Aversive stimulus refers to a stimulus or an that is painful or uncomfortable which an organism will avoid.

- Avicenna (980 to 1037) : Avicenna refers to a Muslim physician and philosopher whose translations of, and commentaries on, the works of Aristotle strongly influenced subsequent Western philosophers.

Avoidance this means avoiding a problem by walking away, ignoring what is happening, refusing to participate in a conflict situation.

Avoidance behavior refer to behavior that occurs before the aversive stimulus is presented and therefore prevents its delivery.

Avoidance conditioning refers to a kind of learning in which specific stimuli are identified as painful or unpleasant and are therefore avoided.

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