Constructive when prior experience affects how people recall things and what they actually recall from memory.

In psychology, the term "constructive" generally refers to something that is helpful or positive in nature, or that promotes growth or development. It can be used to describe a variety of different things in the field of psychology, including approaches to learning, coping with stress or negative emotions, and building relationships.

For example, a constructive approach to learning might involve actively seeking out new information and actively engaging with the material, rather than simply memorizing facts. A constructive approach to coping with stress or negative emotions might involve using healthy coping strategies, such as seeking social support or practicing mindfulness, rather than turning to unhealthy behaviors like substance abuse. A constructive approach to building relationships might involve actively listening to and communicating with others, rather than engaging in conflicts or misunderstandings.

Overall, the term "constructive" is used in psychology to describe something that is helpful or positive in nature and promotes growth or development.


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