Genital stage refers to a period of psychosexual development coinciding with the resurfacing of sexual energy just prior to puberty.


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Genital stage refers to the final stage of Freud’s psychosexual stages from puberty through adolescence. During Genital stage, the adolescent develops adult sexual desires. In psychoanalytic theory, Genital stage, is the fifth and final stage of Psychosexual development in which gratification is attained through sexual intercourse with an individual of the other sex. Genital stage, likewise refers to the final stage of psychosexual development which usually starts about the age of twelve and continues throughout life when the focus of sexual energy is toward members of the other sex rather than toward oneself.

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Genital stage refers to psychosexual stage that occurs around the age of 12, when children's sex drives reemerge; if a child has successfully resolved the Phallic stage, interest in sex turns toward heterosexual relationships

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