Glossary M

Mary Whiton Calkins was born in 1863. She was not allowed to receive her Ph.D.

- Mary Whiton Calkins (1863-1930) : Mary Whiton Calkins she satisfied all the requirements for a PhD at Harvard, but she was denied the degree because she was a woman. Calkins, inspite of such restrictions, made significant contributions to the study of Verbal learning and Memory and to Self Psychology. Being elected the first female president of the American Psychological Association in 1905 is one of the many honors she received.

Masculinity is defined as the ideal cluster of traits that society attributes to males. Masculinity, moreover, is defined as gender traits associated with being instrumental and agentic, examples are, having leadership abilities, being assertive, taking control

Masculinity-Femininity refers to a personality trait indicating the extent to which a person possesses sextyped characteristics, with masculine characteristics at one end of the trait continuum and feminine characteristics at the other end.

Masked facies uUsed to describe the mask-like expression of patients with Parkinson's disease.

Masked grief reactions refer to one of the four (4) types of Complicated grief reactions identified by Worden (2002) in which individuals experience symptoms or behaviors that include the complete absence of grief, that cause the individuals difficulty but that they do not recognize as related to the loss .

Masking is defined as the technique of presenting a jumbled visual stimulus immediately after a target stimulus in order to stop the visual persistence of the target

Masking stimulus refers to a visual pattern that, when presented immediately after a visual stimulus, decreases a person’s ability to perceive the stimulus. This stops the persistence of vision, hence limits the effective duration of the stimulus.

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