Glossary M

Maturation refers to the systematic physical growth of the body, including the nervous system; developmental changes in the body or behavior that associated with the biological process of aging. Maturation also refers to the developmental changes in the body or behavior that result from the aging process rather than from learning , injury, illness , or some other life experience. Maturation also refers to a change in behavior caused by physical or physiological development of the organism in the absence of experience with particular environmental events.

Maturation  hypothesis refers to the proposition that people with antisocial  personality and the other Cluster B disorders become better able to manage their behaviors as they age.

Maurice Merleau-Ponty bridges Phenomenology with Existentialism . While Phenomenology emphasizes the unique essence of the individual, Existentialism is concerned with how the essence relates to existence.
Maximal oxygen uptake (VO2 max) the greatest rate of oxygen uptake by the body measured during severe dynamic exercise, often on a Cycle ergometer or a Treadmill; dependent on maximal cardiac output and the maximal arteriovenous oxygen difference .
Maximizing task is defined as a task or project that calls for a high rate of production.

Maximum life expectancy is defined as the oldest age to which any person lives

Maximum longevity is defined as the maximum length of time an organism can live, roughly 120 years for humans.

Maximum supportable position refers to the highest possible settlement that a person could reasonably ask for and still maintain credibility in negotiating an agreement.

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