Glossary M

Multiple-treatment interference refers to a threat to external Validity that occurs when participants are exposed to more than one treatment and their responses are affected by an ea

Multiplier effect refers to the tendency for small genetic or prenatal influences to change the environment in a way that magnifies the change.

Multipolar neurons refers to neurons with more than two (2) axons .

Multistore model refers to information-processing model that depicts information as flowing through three (3) Processing un

- Multisystemic treatment: Multisystemic treatment (MST) is defined as an approach to treatment that attempts to address the multiple determinants of problematic behavior by involving family members, school personnel, peers, juvenile justice staff, and others in the child’s life, and by drawing on multiple techniques such as parent management management training, cognitive problem-solving skills training, and marital therapy, as well as specialized interventions such as special education placements, referral to substance abuse treatment programs, or referral to legal services.
- Multivariate analyses of variance (MANOVAs) : Multivariate analyses of variance or MANOVAs refers to a statistical test that examines if group means on a number of related variables vary from each other.
Multivariate analysis refers to the analysis of the simultaneous relationships among several variables. Multivariate analysis is a set of methods for data analysis that considers the

Munchausen by proxy a variant of Factitious disorder characterized by the deliberate falsification by a caregiver of another’s medical history and by manipulation of the medical community in a way that causes the charge to be subjected to unnecessary medical procedures and hospitalizations; the caregiver acts on the unconscious psychological need to maintain the sick role, even though the sick role is experienced only indirectly

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