Cortex is defined as the outermost and largest part of the human brain

In psychology, the cortex is the outer layer of the brain that is responsible for many of the brain's higher functions, such as thinking, learning, and decision-making. The cortex is divided into different areas, each of which is responsible for specific functions.

Here are some examples of the functions of different areas of the cortex:

  • The prefrontal cortex is responsible for executive functions, such as planning, decision-making, and problem-solving.

  • The temporal lobes are responsible for processing auditory information and language.

  • The parietal lobes are responsible for processing sensory information, such as touch and movement.

  • The occipital lobes are responsible for processing visual information.

The cortex plays a key role in many psychological processes and disorders. For example, damage to the prefrontal cortex can affect a person's ability to make decisions or control their behaviors, while damage to the temporal lobes can affect a person's ability to understand or produce language.

Overall, the cortex is an important part of the brain that is involved in many of the psychological functions that make us human.


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