The selective optimization with compensation (SOC) model is a model in which three (3) processes (selection, optimization and compensation) form a systerm of behavioral action that generated and regulates development and aging.

Compensation occurs when a person's skills have decreased so that they no longer function well in a particular domain. Optimization involves minimizing losses and maximizing gain. The main idea is to find the best match possible between one's resources (biological, psychological and sociocultural) and one's desired goals. Example of a situation for SOC model aging musician may reduce the number of pieces they play (selection); rehearse them more often (optimization) and sing them in lower key (compensation) a physical therapist who works in a fitness studio and working as a personal trainer for private individuals may decide to concentrate as personal trainer (selection), work as personal trainer all year (optimization) , and develop a good exercise material for his clients to make up for fitness training work (bad example)

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