Glossary U

Uremic encephalopathy refers to an altered mental status secondary to kidney failure.

Urophilia refers to one of the paraphilias which is characterized by marked distress over, or acting on, sexual urges that involve urine or contact with urine to derive sexual satisfaction.

US is the abbreviations of Unconditional or Unconditioned stimulus, a stimulus that elicits a particular response without the necessity of prior training .

Usability characterized by ease of use, or usability.

Useful and useless side of life is a term associated with Adlerian individual psychology which states that the individuals who operate on the "useful side of life" cooperate with the

User interface refers to the element of the control or system where the human and machine interact.

Utilitarianism refers to a moral theory that states that what is moral right is whatever produces the greatest overall amount of pleasure (hedonistic utilitarianism) or happiness (eudaimonistic utilitarianism).

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