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At these Universities in Europe you can study psychology. Feel free to add more universities.

Unrealistic optimism is a form of defensive attribution wherein people think that good things are more likely to happen to them than to their peers and that bad things are less likely to happen to them than to their peers
Unrelenting Standards refer to the belief that you need to be the best, always striving for perfection or to avoid mistakes.

Unstructured interview refers to a series of open-ended questions aimed at determining the client's reasons for being in treatment , symptoms, health status, family background, and life history.

Upward social comparison when person compares himself/herself to others who are performing more effectively relative to himself/herself.

UR is the abbreviations of Unconditional or Unconditioned response, a response that occurs to a stimulus without the necessity of prior training .

Urban press refers to the many environmental stressors that affect city living, including noise, crowding, crime, and pollution.

Urban-overload hypothesis refers to the theory suggesting that people living in cities are likely to keep to themselves in order to avoid being overloaded by all the stimulation they receive

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