Glossary W

Worst-Case Scenario refers to the most awful situation humans can possibly imagine. Thinking worst-case helps people stay a bit more balanced, because they realize that the situation could be much worse than it actually is. This is the origin of the standard coaches' phrase following losses, "Well, the sun will still come up tomorrow." Which it will. If it did not shine, they there is a true "worst case".
Wowser refers to a person who is regarded as excessively puritanical; a killjoy.

Wrist flexion refers to a posture where the hand and the wrist are curved downward. Wrist flexion creates friction and tendon stress , leading to fatigue and injury.
Writ of Certiorari refers to writ issued by a higher court directing a lower court to prepare the record of a case and send it to the higher court for review.
Written language comprises all facets of written expression, e.g., handwriting, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, format, ability to express one's thoughts in sentences and paragraphs, etc.

Wroth is an adjective which means extremely angry.

Wunderkind refers to a child prodigy; a person of remarkable talent or ability who achieves great success or acclaim at an early age. Wunderkind is a German word which literally means wonder child or a child progidy from the words Wunder (wonder, prodigy) and Kind (child) Tiger Woods is a Wunderkind
Wundt, Wilhelm Maximilian (1832-1920) refers to the founder of Experimental Psychology as a separate discipline and of the School of Voluntarism.

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